Citizen SDC-368

Product parameters:
Color white-black
Depth 152 mm
Width 152 mm
Height 27 mm
Weight 164 g

Citizen SDC-368 is a basic model of the desktop calculators. It’s a traditional model, present in the market for many years, that has gained many supporters. It is equipped with basic and at the same time, the most desirable functions used for office calculations. Its additional advantage is the possibility to use double memory.

Product parameters

12 digit display
Auto turn off
Double memory [MRCII] [M+II] [M-II]
Mark up function [MU]
Memory [MRC] [M+] [M-]
Square root [√]
Percent key [%]
Double zero key [00]
Rounding function
Change sign [+/-]
Decimal setting A/0/2/4/6/F
Delete [→]
Solar panel
Battery powered

Files to download

Web and print photos of SDC-368 model download file
Manual of SDC-368 download file

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