Citizen ECC-310

Product parameters:
Color black
Depth 173 mm
Width 107 mm
Hight 34 mm
Weight 186 g

Environmentally friendly calculators!




Ecological calculator CITIZEN ECC-310, made in 100% of recycled materials, which makes it very popular among the customers, who care about the environment. Each calculator uses only a renewable source of solar energy. You do not have to replace the battery, so you save money, and thus do not worry about the battery disposal. Also the packaging and user manual were obtained in a recycling process.

The ecological models of CITIZEN ECC are Blue Angel® certified. It is the oldest certificate in the world, widely distributed mainly in Germany and other countries of Western Europe. It is awarded in over 90 different product categories. Blue Angel® focuses primarily on the processing of raw materials and the production of final goods in terms of minimizing the negative impact on the environment. More information about the organization and the certificate itself can be found at

It is a great product for companies, that run a responsible business CSR and for all calculator users, who know that counting "eco" simply pays off!


Product parameters

12 digit display
Mark up function [MU]
Square root [√]
Percent key [%]
Grand total [GT]
Double zero key [00]
Rounding function
Change sign [+/-]
Decimal setting +/0/2/3/F
Delete [→]
Solar panel

Files to download

Web and print photos of the ECC-310 model download file
Manual of the ECC-310 model download file
The Blue Angel® Certificate download file