Citizen CDC-80RDWB

Product parameters:
Color red
Depth 135 mm
Width 108 mm
Height 24 mm
Weight 104 g

Elegance lies in simplicity



Model Citizen CDC-80RDWB is a sleek desktop calculator that stands out with its elegant design, while the red color does not go unnoticed and blends in perfectly with the design of a modern office. It has 8-digit display and despite its small size is richly equipped with numerous functions to improve counting.



Product parameters

8 digit display
Auto turn off
Mark up function [MU]
Memory [MRC] [M+] [M-]
Tax function [TAX+] [TAX-]
Square root [√]
Percent key [%]
Change sign [+/-]
Additional solar batteries
Battery powered

Files to download

Web and print photos of the CDC-80 model download file
Manual of the CDC-80 model download file

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