About the company

Brand philosophy

Citizen company was established in 1930 in Japan, when Citizen Watch started production of its famos watches. It was a beginning of Citizen Group, which logo is known on all continents. Thanks to innovations and precisious technologies during last decades, Citizen has became the main supplier of the electronics, medical measuring equipment, calculators and jewellery.

Citizen’s holding structure has four main product groups: watches, latches, devices and components, electronical items. The company policy guarantees, that such standards, as: products safety, honest and tranparent commercial transactions, as well as active involvment into enviromental protection are kept on the highest level in each of four departments.

The purpose of Citizen Group in XXI century is to follow these words: Micro HumanTech.”Micro” technology was and is one of the Citizen company advantages. The word „Human” emphasise the fact, that the company always focuses its creativity and technical knowledge on meeting the customers needs.

Citizen System Europe 

Citizen Systems – it’s one of the Citizen Group companies, which delivers calculators and printers since 1964. In addition, except for mother company in Japan, Citizen Systems Europe has its subsidiaries in Hong Kong, China and USA.

Citizen Systems Europe produces wide range of solutions for printing and designes  devices to meet specific needs of all devices applications. The offer includes reliable, resistant to contamination label printers for industry, compact stationary devices and portable printers POS for retail market. The portfolio includes also fast and durable mobile photo printers to print high quality photos, that meet high requirements of professional photographers.

Citizen is on of the leading printers designers, providing the best devices in it’s class, which speed, compact size and energy efficiency cannot be beaten by any other printer on the market.

Citizen provides also full range of calculators, from pocket devices to highly advanced scientific models. As with printers, the Citizen calculators use innovation technology, precision and reliability to meet customers needs all over the world. Citizen technology was also used in products for the healthcare sector. Wide range of easy-in-use, ergonomic and reliable digital monitoring divices is available in the company offer, including blood presure metres, thermometers and pedometers.

Citizen Systems Europe operates in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). The company headquarters is located in Stuttgart, Germany with a branch in London. Citizen Systems Europe continues to build and expand its wide network of distributors to ensure unique availability of products and services throughout the EMEA region.

How is the calculator in the age of computerization? 

It turns out, that the calculator is present on every desk in each company, and its simplicity and convenience in use still makes it irreplaceable.

Citizen Systems Europe is a company in 100% dependent on Japanese Citizen Group, which was established in 1918. The company is known and valued due to high level of technology and innovative solutions, and Citizen logo is now recognizable on all continents. We can see it on watches, printers, calculators, devices, electronic products and medical measuring devices.

Our attention today is attracted by the calculators. Despite the ever increasing risks of competition in the form of more and more modern technological solutions, as well as currently difficult economic situation in Europe, Citizen is doing well and is very optimistic about the future. According to Ludwig Bunse, Sales and Marketing Manager for Europe, thanks to optimal integration and coordination of sales, distribution, advertising and marketing, Citizen Europe is well prepared to meet the challenges and changes in the future. „We focus on implementing our main strategy, which is to provide products responding to the needs of the era in which we live, in response to the needs of the natural environment and diversified business and scientific specialties," adds Ludwig Bunse.

It is also a beginning of new age for Citizen calculators brand in Poland. Since the beginning of 2017 in Poland the exclusive distribution of Citizen calculators has been taken over by company CDC PL. Both in the world and in Poland, the B2B market is already saturated, and the forecasts do not predict its further expansion, assuming a polarization promoting only the strongest players. For us, it is a clear signal that the center of gravity should be shifted from the quantitative aspect to the qualitative one - in terms of products, recipients, as well as cooperation with our clients. It is a clear signal to reach no further, but deeper and focus on the quality of customer service. The first step was to choose a group of exclusive partners – and with them to shape the brand image and offer excellent service – says Marcin Samorek, President of CDC PL.

The company offers more than 50 models of calculators in response to the diversity of customer needs. From the simplest for home use, "desktop", which are found literally on every desk in every company, "printing" even in several colors and speeds, and the most complicated "scientific" – some of them have even 256 mathematical functions. However, what connects all models is a modern design and workmanship for which high quality materials were used. "Increasingly, we are also meeting the fact, which extremely pleases us, that companies exchange their calculators for the ecological ones – which can be found in our offer. Housing made of plastic obtained in the recycling process, no need to use a traditional battery, or biodegradable packaging caused that Citizen calculators received the Blue Angel certificate from a German organization, which since 1976 certifies only companies and products environmentally friendly.

At the same time, being aware of changes, we will focus in the nearest future on contact with our clients, trainings and information meetings, because we know that clients appreciate educational campaigns better than purely advertising campaigns. They consider it more interesting, more creadible and, above all, they get knowledge and answers to direct questions.

As the representative of the Citizen manufacturer, we will focus on the quality of our activities. We do not intend to rest on our laurels and we will continue to follow the customers. We look into the future with an optimism and no worries when we have with us a group of professional business partners and loyal customers.